May 2017

The path to the independent and honest measurement of carbon emissions in printing

One reason the positive side of printings environmental message is falling on deaf ears is the lack of consistent and transparent carbon data. This has led to mixed and confusing messages going out to the marketing world at large. The environmental paper standards were always difficult to compare, with different interested parties promoting the label that best suited their current business practices. FSC has helped...

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Feb 2017

Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Marketers and the Environment

I recently prepared a technology assessment on Autonomous Vehicles (AV) as part of my Master’s degree in environmental management. It occurred to me as I read yet another opinion piece on the future of AV that my report also formed the basis of my own opinion piece on this subject, especially where it relates to marketing and the environment – both key areas of interest...

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Jun 2016

Sustainability and the hidden cost of your media inefficiency

For many years, CPM (‘Cost Per Mille’, otherwise known as cost per thousand as a dollar value) has been a staple metric used to calculate media efficiency and develop media plans. That’s all well and good. But as we move into a carbon constrained future, there’s a growing argument which holds that the carbon cost of communication will become a much more important consideration in...

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