May 2021

The Marketers guide to Net Zero targets

Don’t you find it strange that the marketing industry, who are the custodians of their organisations brand and communication strategies, are not leading the way with reducing carbon emissions generated by their often large budgets? This is the first of three blogs that attempts to demystify the Net Zero Emissions claims we are hearing now and the way they relate to the advertising industry. Read...

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Aug 2020

Cloud gaming: Are game streaming services bad for the planet?

More evidence, this time from the team at Lancaster University, of the environmental impact of the digital economy. Published by the BBC Cloud gaming: Are game streaming services bad for the planet? By David Molloy Technology reporter Getty ImagesGoogle and Microsoft are offering cloud gaming services Microsoft is poised to launch its game streaming service, delivering high-end titles direct to phones – and Google already offers...

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Feb 2017

Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Marketers and the Environment

I recently prepared a technology assessment on Autonomous Vehicles (AV) as part of my Master’s degree in environmental management. It occurred to me as I read yet another opinion piece on the future of AV that my report also formed the basis of my own opinion piece on this subject, especially where it relates to marketing and the environment – both key areas of interest...

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