About the Gaia Partnership

Gaia is a technology company that helps reduce carbon pollution in business.

Our mission is to provide a seamless, real time, cost effective view into the carbon contained in day-to-day commercial activity. This allows you to effectively track, reduce and offset the carbon from your business. The CO2counter is a web-service that works directly with any ERP, procurement and accounting/finance platforms.

We help you measure the carbon in a business transaction when it is quoted, purchased, delivered or invoiced.

Measurement & Analytics

The CO2counter. A cloud based SAAS CO2 measurement system for business products & services.

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Comprehensive CO2 usage reports for both users & their suppliers of products & services.

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Carbon Offsetting

Continuous transition level validated offsets.

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Professional Services

Assistance with Life Cycle Assessments, On-boarding of suppliers, offset sourcing, training, mitigation strategies and on site validation.

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