Mar 2019

How the evolving nutrient sufficient diet affects buyers’ behaviors and therefore the planet

Welcome to the first of a series of environmental blogs that will look in detail at the conflict between the industrialised food chain and a sustainable consumer diet. Published by TrinityP3 my aim is to give appropriate level evidence-based information about the major challenges facing both the food industry and the marketers and their agencies working in this field enabling them to match consumers’ desired behaviors...

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Dec 2017

With every purchase we make, we cast a vote for the type of world we want to live in

The Gaia Partnership is proud to be associated with the exciting new business Evocco. Evocco helps us know what we’re voting for when we shop for food. What are the environmental, ethical, health, and social impacts? ​Evocco take food data from the scientific and research community, and translate it into actionable steps to help  reduce the environmental impact through what we buy. Voting for the...

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Jun 2016

Sustainability and the hidden cost of your media inefficiency

For many years, CPM (‘Cost Per Mille’, otherwise known as cost per thousand as a dollar value) has been a staple metric used to calculate media efficiency and develop media plans. That’s all well and good. But as we move into a carbon constrained future, there’s a growing argument which holds that the carbon cost of communication will become a much more important consideration in...

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