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We are proud to be associated with the following businesses and associations:

Climate Friendly

Australia’s leading provider of verified carbon standard (VCS) offsets. Gaia supply the measurement and Climate Friendly supply you certified offsets on a transactional or periodic basis.


A leading marketing communications consultancy group who license the CO2counter system to their customer base.

Counting Carbon

Food accounts for approximately 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Taking a number of important environmental factors into account, Counting Carbon generates a relative score for food products and provides this information to the consumer at the point of sale.  This allows each of us to vote with our dollar for lower carbon options, and a brighter future. By changing consumer behaviour, we can create a competitive advantage for environmentally friendly companies, and drive clean tech innovation along the supply chain

And Gaia recommend the following sites:

The Carbon Trust

Helping accelerate the move to a low carbon economy now and develop commercial low carbon technologies for the future.

Pangolin Associates

Pangolin Associates help you reduce your carbon footprint and achieve cost saving energy efficiencies.

Think: Insight & Advice

Specialists in stakeholder research and strategic planning.


Join systems, create custom reports, set rules and map data. Developers platform for integration.

IRL Education

Skills, Ideas and advise for life after the HSC

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