Independent methodology to allow you to quickly and cost effectively measure the CO2-e emissions from any business activity.
Gaia have developed a simple, smart and scalable methodology that measures and manages the often invisible carbon footprint of any business activity. 

The CO2counter uniquely combines the disciplines of business systems, science and maths to deliver an accurate and comprehensive analysis of CO2 emissions from all business activities.

Environmentally responsible organisations are for the first time able to render all aspects of their business truly green. 

Gaia work with RMIT University in Melbourne and other leading academic organisations to develop common standards based on the current methodology. 
The methodology is in line with formulas and methods recommended by International GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards and the CO2 Counter is compliant with ISO 14040

The CO2counter is currently the only independent source of credible information that is not clouded by vested industry groups.

The CO2counter can be used in the hosted environment or within supplied under license within your MIS system without disrupting your workflow.

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