Reporting and measurement

The CO2counter gives users a robust set of CO2 usage reports ideal for the benchmarking and monitoring of products & services.

Marketing & Advertising

The CO2counter from the Gaia Partnership is an important planning tool that assists environmentally aware marketers understand the carbon efficiency of their media strategy. Media effectiveness has always been measured in CMP (cost per thousand as a dollar value) as media buyers seek the optimize reach and frequency at the lowest possible cost. This focus on a low CMP ignores the inherent carbon waste being created. Using their unique methodology and embedded licensed software the CO2counter allows layering of carbon efficiency across the media planning process to fully understand all media channels to deliver effective campaigns with a reduced carbon footprint.


Using the unique CO2counter, carbon measurement can be supplied for all printed items at a transactional level from existing specification data within any printers system. This can be achieved via a hosted secure website, via manual templates or for larger users via a customised API  This gives unlimited ability to use the CO2counter™ for each transaction.

Any of these solutions give ease of uploading transaction information to run reports. You will receive via your nominated data stream the carbon measurement and offset figure.


Effectively, by including the offsetting option, transport companies and their customers can choose to negate the carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere from the process of shipping. Either within the freight companies workflow/billing system or at the checkout for online users, you will be able to measure and offset the shipment. The unique CO2counter technology can allow an offset certificate to be automatically generated as a PDF and emailed to the customer if required.

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